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Construct lighting string light sets
Lt Duty to Class 1 Div 1 Explosion Proof Stringlights - 400W & 250W High Bays  - Suntower
Temporary Power Distribution
Big-E PDUs; e-Carts; Oscars - Spiders - Rubber Outlet boxes 
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
OSHA, NEC & C22.2 Approved GFCIs
Electrical Cords & Cord Protectors
Residential,Contractor & Industrial Grade Cords & Cord Protection
Plugs, Connectors & Cordsets
Basic Contractor Grade to Heavy Duty Extreme Environment Devices
 Task & Work Lighting
Heavy Duty Handlamps to Wide Area Lighting & Class 1,Div 1 Lighting
 Push Button Pendant Stations
PIstol Grips to Heavy Duty 4X Hose-Down Push Button Units
Electrical Reels - Light duty to Explosion Proof
Engineered Solutions
See our success stories - We Can Help You !
Support Grips, Pulling, Cord Grips, I-Grips, Strain Relief and Deluxe Strain Relief
 Mini & Micro Devices
Connectors, Cable Assemblies, and Receptacles
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