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Aerospace Solutions

Aerospace Solutions

Everything you need to light and power aircraft manufacturing and MRO activities
4 Ways to Prevent Theft on the Jobsite

4 Ways to Prevent Theft on the Jobsite

Too often equipment at a plant or construction site just “walks away.” But what can you do about it?
Food & Beverage Solutions

Food & Beverage Solutions

From lighting and cable protection to anti-microbial cable and wiring devices to help keep you FSMA compliant, Ericson has the products you need.

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4 Key Challenges in Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance | Ericson

From leadership to inspection to production, successfully manufacturing and maintaining aircraft to meet deadlines or up-time requirements while ensuring overall safety can be challenging. There are several challenges that aviation companies must consider in order to stand out among competition and satisfy customer demands.

What Is Confined Space Entry?

When you hear someone talking about working in a "confined space," that doesn't just mean that they are working in tight quarters. "Confined space entry" is actually a tightly (pun intended) defined term that comes with a certain set of safety requirements for personnel.

In order for an area to be called a confined space, it needs to meet all 3 of the following criteria:

  1. Large enough for personnel to perform work
  2. Limited openings for entry and exit
  3. Not intended for continuous human occupancy

Examples of these types of spaces include tanks, vessels, manholes, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, and pits.

The 5 Most Impactful 2019 Aerospace Trends

2018 was a busy and profitable year for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. What lies ahead for the commercial aerospace and defense (A&D) industries in 2019? From major OEMs to small but innovative companies, let’s look at the five biggest trends impacting growth--as well as the largest-looming threat.