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4 Ways to Prevent Theft on the Jobsite

4 Ways to Prevent Theft on the Jobsite

Too often equipment at a plant or construction site just “walks away.” But what can you do about it?

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4 Ways to Improve Lighting for Fired Heater & Boiler Maintenance Projects

Do you have an upcoming maintenance project for boilers or fired heaters? Do you need to find simple, rugged lighting solutions that are highly portable, and provide excellent project lighting in these usually dark areas? With the size of the modern fired heaters on industrial sites, getting light to all the areas can be a challenge. We’ll walk through four approaches to selecting the best lighting for the job.

LED Lighting Solutions For Aircraft Construction

LED lighting is suitable for almost every situation, including aircraft construction and maintenance. Aircraft construction entails work that must be performed in a lot of dark and tight spaces where typical lighting sources will not be effective. Temporary and portable LED lighting, especially string lights, is a reliable solution for illuminating fuselages and other darkened areas during aircraft construction and maintenance. 

100 Years Strong

We trace the origins of Ericson Manufacturing back to one event - the successfully granted patent for the first rubber safety hand lamp to our founder Edward Oscar Ericson. The date listed on that patent is December 3, 1918 - 100 years ago.