June 20, 2016

Ericson Continues to Push the Competitive Market in Temporary Power & Lighting

Ericson, engineering and manufacturing of temporary power and lighting products announces pricing changes to support rep and distributor markets with decrease in pricing to stay afloat the competitive landscape.

“Ericson is working diligently to maintain status as the leading temporary power and lighting solutions provider in the industry. With various competitors in the field, our objectives are to continuously benchmark and position our pricing to keep sustainability in the marketplace” says, Operations Manager, John Ericson III.

Previously known as Regional Sales Managers, Ericson is working at establishing internal change to a business development culture. Firstly, Regional Sales Manager received a title change to Business Development Managers. Focused on managing the Representative field, Business Development Managers are nurturing external relationships, creating and cultivating business from many angles.

The Ericson Marketing program is becoming supplementary to Business Development Managers, Representatives, and Distributors. Marketing automation programs and lead generation is a primary focus into 2016.

“By positioning Ericson as a business development culture, the organization is working on numerous tasks and fine-tuning processes aimed at development and growth opportunities from sales, marketing to human resources. The goal is to create long-term value for the organization not only internally but for our Reps, Distributors, and End-users” says, Interim President, Chris Jaskiewicz.