July 19, 2016

Ericson Manufacturing Announces New Product Guide for Temporary Lighting Solutions and Lighting

Ericson, engineering and manufacturing of temporary power and lighting products has refocused its previous Pocket Guide to a new and improved miniature Product Guide.

The Product Guide offers various temporary power distribution and temporary lighting solutions from power distribution units, string lights, LED’s, plugs, connectors and more. The miniature version of the catalog promotes all the commodity items for industrial and commercial customers.

The new guide includes minimal changes to products, custom solution offerings and the newest Ericson product, a LED Bay light that will be hitting shelves in 10 weeks. View page 24 for more information and be on the lookout for more information to come regarding this new product launch.

In addition to new products, Ericson is publicizing its schematic design layouts to assist our customers in saving time and money; Ericson engineers can customize work sites with the correct safety, temp power and lighting products.

To view the Product Guide in digital form, please click here.

Ericson Prodcut Guide_Front