July 14, 2016

Ericson Manufacturing Emphasizes International Development By Partnership With Ohio Export Internship Program

Ericson, engineering and manufacturing of temporary power and lighting products aligns international growth strategy with partnering of the Ohio Export Internship Program.

The Ohio Export Internship Program is designed for companies that are looking to export for the first time or to improve their current export initiatives. The program matched Ericson with highly motivated student, Mohamed Mosbah, The Ohio State University student, who has taken export-focused coursework.

Dan Ericson, Director of Sales, said “The OEI program has provided Mohammed with real-world experience from a manufacturing and business standpoint. By quickly directing our temporary power and lighting products across the globe, in two short months we’ve began relationships and closed sales internationally. Our management team has extended our knowledge base from Mohammed, and we find him to be a value to our team”.

The Ohio Development Services Agency and The Ohio State University have proven close supervision along with mentoring to Mohamed. By providing assistance, guidance and resources, Mohamed has focused Ericson export development by uniquely tailoring the scope of work with specific deliverables. Mohamed has identified new markets in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. By providing specific research and analysis, Mohamed has already proven value to his venture by providing feedback to processes and procedures, along with growth in these markets to-date.

About Mohamed Mosbah, International Business Development Manager (Intern)

Mohamed Mosbah is an international student from Cairo, Egypt. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he studies Operations Management at The Ohio State University. He is involved with Ericson Manufacturing as a summer intern, through the Ohio Export Internship Program, in order to enhance the company’s global presence overseas. He is interested in Data Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, and International Business. In December 2016, he will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Fisher College of Business. You can contact Mohamed at mohamed.mosbah@ericson.com.

For more information on the Ohio Export Internship Program, please click here to watch a video.


Photo of Mohamed Mosbah, International Business Development Intern

Photo of Mohamed Mosbah, International Business Development Intern