August 8, 2016

Ericson New UL1088, 7th Edition, Compliant SJTW Stringlights are now Available in Canada

Ericson, engineering and manufacturing of temporary power and lighting products, announces that the standard for Temporary Lighting Strings, standard UL1088, 7th Edition, is now approved by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

Canadian customers can now accept stringlights tested to the UL1088 standard.  UL listed stringlights are now required to follow the revised requirements set forth in the new standard, which was made available in early 2016.

A significant change is that the revised standard now permits smaller, significantly less expensive SJTW cable type stringlights to be available for distribution in Canada.

The U.S. changes to the standard were modest, primarily affected labeling. The new labels are focused on the increasing prevalence of CFL & LED bulbs, and the addition of more French language labels to support the bi-national standard.

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