“Safety is a top priority and standardizing on Ericson’s products provides our crews with safe, reliable power and lighting no matter where we need it, rain or shine.” – Electrical Foreman


Construction Lighting and Power Solutions

Construction sites are fast-paced environments with multiple trades competing for time and space and everyone hustling to stay on schedule to meet project deadlines. It can be a challenge to provide temporary power and lighting to a job site safely and efficiently. That’s where Ericson comes in.

Designed and built to the highest standards with an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and OSHA/NEC/CEC safety standards, Ericson’s products deliver the power and light you need on the job site with unrivaled personnel and equipment protection.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive power distribution flexibility
  • Rugged, durable, long-lasting operation
  • Trip and cable damage protection
  • Wet location safe connections
  • Real-time cord and cable integrity monitoring
  • Shatter-resistant lighting
  • Electrical shock protection

Recommended Products