January 26, 2017

Ericson Announces New Product Offering for Theft Protection and Asset Management

Ericson continues to innovate with product development and today, unveils a RFID Asset Management System which leverages industry proven technology to provide real-time monitoring of valuable portable equipment for job-site security & replacement cost savings. RFID tags provide unique individual asset identification by using a concealed tag placement for theft prevention. Flexible indoor and outdoor configurations, including vehicle traffic portals, ensure that hard to monitor portable power and lighting equipment stays on the job-site, thus greatly reducing the downtime and cost associated with hardware replacement. The intuitive plug and play setup simplifies system deployment and start-up.

By integrating the most advanced reader technology, powerful antennas, alarm interfaces, and long range product based tags; Ericson Manufacturing was able to create a comprehensive turn-key system. A site survey ensures optimum performance and antenna placement to achieve maximum detection for each specific application. RFID tags are discretely installed on Ericson’s temporary power and lighting products to deliver maximum read ranges. Combining tagged products with a powerful detection system provides an effective barrier against theft. Additionally, comprehensive asset tracking and control can be implemented with existing systems. The RFID reader can be set to either detect ALL UHF RFID tags in the area, OR set to detect ONLY Ericson tags.
For more information, please click here to download our sell sheet.