May 29, 2013

Oscar PowerCart Introduction


Willoughby, OH
May 29 2013:

Ericson Manufacturing continues to innovate and lead the temporary power market with the introduction of the Oscar PowerCart Temporary Power Distribution Center.

The Oscar PowerCart delivers next generation C-Panel functionality utilizing a unique platform that is built rugged enough to survive the harshest jobsite environments, while delivering benefits such as simplified connectivity, panel access clearance and portability. Flexible configuration alternatives, with breaker and receptacle personalization, provide the ability to meet specific application requirements without the cost typically associated with custom solutions.

“Temporary power distribution is at the heart of nearly every construction, exploration or entertainment activity, and Ericson is proud to deliver safe, reliable solutions throughout these industries,” said Jon Semancik, Ericson’s Product Development Manager. “The innovative Oscar PowerCart is a natural extension of our popular temporary power product family, which allows us to better address the wide range of challenges facing our customers”.

The PowerCart is UL listed, NEMA 3R rated, available in 60 A, 100 A and 200 A variants, and supports input voltages ranging from 120 V to 600 V. Additional capabilities include single and three phase operation, flexible main power configuration, job-site friendly breaker panel access, easy-tow handle and wheels, high snow and mud clearance, built-in forklift access and a heavy duty welded frame.

Designed for simplified plug-n-play use, the Ericson “system” of Temporary Power Solutions requires minimal setup and teardown time, saving valuable time and associated expense. These solutions are ideal for a broad range of temporary power applications including general construction, maintenance and repair, oil and gas exploration, emergency response, entertainment venues, and rental services.

Ericson’s solutions are also designed to meet the latest Safety Certifications and Standards affording exceptional peace of mind and confidence. Exceptional workmanship and quality, along with the highest levels of product availability, ensure unmatched Customer responsiveness and satisfaction.