Case Studies

Industry: Food and Beverage

Case Study- Anti-Microbial Solutions

One of Ericson’s customers is the largest regional seafood distributor in the Mid-Atlantic, serving retail chains and institutional distributors with a line of fresh, frozen, canned, smoked, salted, and live seafood products. They strive to provide their customers with the freshest products from all across the world, getting products from the source to the shelf. The large fish processing plant came to Ericson with their problem after a visit from the Maryland Health Department, who suggested that they start using anti-microbial products in their processing facility. The company has a harsh environment within their processing facility that focuses on keeping fish both wet and cold. Because of this, they have frequent high pressure power washes throughout their facility. They needed something that resisted water damage and could be cleaned. Regular cords just weren’t good enough!


So how was Ericson able to help out? The facility purchased Perma-Kleen cord drops to power manufacturing equipment throughout the facility – equipment that was fit with conveyors, hoppers, filleting machines, and bone separators.


2424-CW6P-AM Perma-Kleen Watertight Connector 480V 20A
2324-PW6P-AM Perma-Kleen Watertight Plug 480V 20A
2622-CW6P-AM Perma-Kleen Watertight Connector 250V 30A
2522-PW6P-AM Perma-Kleen Watertight Plug 250V 30A


Ericson’s Perma-Kleen™ anti-microbial wiring devices, cables, and cordsets provide a new and innovative approach to controlling microbial growth. By incorporating anti-microbial additives stored within the polymer, continual, long-lasting protection is ensured. Testing reveals the ability of these devices to inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcusaureus, delivering long-lasting benefits far beyond traditional cleaning methods. Perma-Kleen™ delivers exceptional protection against mold, mildews, and fungi, even on hard to clean surfaces. These cost-effective solutions deliver unparalleled confidence and peace of mind, knowing that every step has been taken to protect consumers against harmful and potentially deadly microbial contamination.