Case Studies

Industry: Power


The Mount Storm Power Station in West Virginia powers approximately 407,000 homes. During inspections and routine maintenance, it’s important to get the facilities back up and running as quickly as possible.  

Customer Needs

One piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance are the boilers. For a typical project, the company needs lighting for approximately 8 to 12 hours of work. Previously, the company was using Ericson’s BL500 handlamp that utilized a 400W tungsten bulb to illuminate the workspace. Given the type of environment, the company wanted to upgrade to a more robust solution, preferably one that included LED bulbs.

The station opted to sample a competitor’s powered light bar, and although the construction met their durability standards, this battery-powered option only lasted 1 hour before needing to be charged again. Based on their past satisfaction with Ericson products, the organization opted to work with Ericson’s engineering team to create a lighting solution tailored to their unique needs.


The station’s engineered solution began with an Ericson industrial-grade hand lamp that was rated for wet locations (similar to the 910 Series). The product emits approximately 4,400 lumens and is compatible with Ericson’s magnet conduit clamp, magnet hook, and tube shield allowing for maximum versatility. The magnet clamp is especially useful as it allows workers to mount the tool directly on the boiler during maintenance work.

This is yet another great example of Ericson’s capacity to listen to customers and provide custom, engineered solutions for exactly the right scenario.