Case Studies

Industry: Aerospace

Major Success in Aerospace

Our objective

We set out with a goal to capitalize on some opportunities within the aerospace industry. In this study we analyzed and engineered
many different solutions to the needs of our customers in the areas of power and lighting.

Some companies have chosen to keep their names confidential in our study.


Custom Vertical Light StandOpportunity
Construction of large aircraft demands specific portable lighting systems. Issues faced by Airbus Engineers included reliability, compact construction, high lumen output coupled with energy-efficiency.

Engineered Solution
Ericson designed a portable LED light stand solution, complete with telescoping dome LED, which met the lumen output and dimensional requirements of Airbus.

The robust and energy-efficiency design utilizes new LED linear tube-style lighting as well as 1000 series LEDs (dome lights). A small yet stable footprint was incorporated for easy movement along the lengthy aisle ways of the A321.

Major commercial airline

The customer needed adjustable lighting to fit between airplane cabin panels during routine
fuselage maintenance. They also desired an energy-saving LED solution.

Engineered Solution
Ericson custom 800LED tube light with adjustable strain reliefs, allow the customer to customize lighting for various aircraft providing flexibility and cost savings.

800 Series LED

Executive jet manufacturer

Custom Big E Jr.Opportunity
The customer required power outputs above a classified location, 18 inches off the ground, for refueling aircraft.
They also needed anti-static casters in the classified re-fueling environment and a welded cable tray to hold the long hardwired primary power cable.

Engineered Solution
Ericson Big E Jr. with combo enclosure and receptacle distribution greater than 20 inches off the ground. Supplied anti-static casters and a welded cable tray, along with powder coated yellow frame. Duplexes per phase, per breaker were color coded for easy identification and plug-n-play connectivity.

Airline Manufacturer

Their current lighting system was cumbersome to set up, difficult to move, and expensive to operate.

Engineered Solution
Ericson 1140 series twin tube, LED, lightweight fixtures provided a durable, energy efficient and portable lighting system that can be daisy-chained through the fuselage, providing outstanding light within the workspace.

LED efficiency provided 360° degree illumination and cost savings. This easily configurable system allowed the workers to move the lights from space to space quickly and efficiently, saving labor costs. Easily converts from hanging fixture to a floor stand for added flexibility.

US Airforce Bases

Temporary lighting was needed for maintenance and repair on US Air Force Base aircraft. As each aircraft varied in size, off-the-shelf string lights sockets were too far apart to supply sufficient light for operations and repairs. In addition, customer needed access to power for various hookups.

Engineered Solution
Custom Heavy Duty string lights were designed with sockets closer
together, providing optimal illumination. The custom string lights used either LED or incandescent bulbs in the same socket, providing additional flexibility and cost savings. The string lights were designed to incorporate a power drop, allowing the customer to plug in additional tooling.