Case Studies

Industry: Power

Case Study- Successfully Preparing Power Plants For Outages

Upgrades Bringing Cost-Effective Solutions:

Perry Nuclear Generating Station, North Perry, Ohio

Perry Nuclear Generating Station, North Perry, Ohio Perry Nuclear Generating Station, a First Energy plant in North Perry, Ohio, placed a large order ahead of a major outage. Like many power plants, the Perry station needed to upgrade its existing temporary power system—Ericson was happy to provide a special cost-effective e-Cart solution. Ericson met portability specifications and stayed within budget by delivering 20 custom e-Cart 2 mobile transformer power distribution centers that met the Perry station’s need by being both lightweight and small in size. In addition, the Perry Nuclear Generating Station requested low-profile lighting for use during the maintenance. Ericson proposed the use of 10 linear LED string lights with 1-inch tubes that were 100 feet long each. The plant accepted the proposal and was able to meet safety requirements by using Ericson’s quality products.

Standard Temporary Power Items Can Do The Job Too:

Surry Nuclear Power Station, Virginia

Surry Nuclear Power Station, a Dominion plant located in southeast Virginia, has been a repeat customer. Ericson provided a combination of quality products and quick lead-time services, which, according to the Surry plant’s planning department, favorably positioned Ericson to provide the plant essential items for its next outage. The Surry Nuclear Power Station’s first order was for boiler lights and cable reels, which Ericson provided directly off the shelf. A few months later, the Surry plant staff realized they needed e-Carts to position them for success during an outage, so they placed an order for nine standard e-Cart Jr. mobile power distribution centers.

Custom Solutions For Plug-And-Play

Brunner Island Power Plant, York Haven, Pennsylvania

Brunner Island Power Plant, a Talen Energy electrical generation facility in York Haven, Pennsylvania, had been using a large and cumbersome temporary power cart that was built approximately 50 years ago. The plant knew it was time to replace and upgrade the aging equipment for future outages. Plant personnel approached Ericson to assist them in finding a new fit for temporary power distribution. After various discussions with the Ericson application engineering team, they realized more than just one temporary power unit was needed to safely and successfully plan for future outages. The plant personnel also indicated that the temporary power units must be plug-and-play, to eliminate any unforeseen issues that could arise during outages. Ericson was able to customize their Big-E Series power distribution centers using Crouse-Hinds receptacles. These receptacles allowed for compatibility with the plant’s existing electrical equipment. “The product flexibility with the plug-and-play option was ideal for our plant. The Ericson team was able to find an applicable solution to ensure our equipment worked safely and efficiently with the temporary power units,” said Brunner Island’s project manager