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Industry: Power

Temporary Power Distribution Brings Safety & Efficiency to a Refinery Expansion

About the Project

A major international producer of gasoline and chemical products undertook a multi-billion dollar modernization project to expand crude processing capabilities and improve operational reliability and efficiency. This effort focused on providing greater energy security as conventional supplies of lighter crudes diminish and are replaced by heavier sour crude oil from alternative sources.

The upgrade project included the installation of a new crude distillation unit, a coker, world-class hydro-treating and sulfur recovery. General improvements to the facility’s infrastructure were also planned to maintain safe operations within the plant. The ultimate goal of the project was to increase the refinery’s capability for gasoline and diesel production with an aggressive operational target within a one year period.

Electrical Safety Concerns

Turnaround activities are inherently dangerous; therefore, management must incorporate a safe, well-planned execution strategy. Equipment selection is a critical aspect of this strategy and temporary power distribution and lighting solutions are an essential part of maintenance activities or in this case a refinery expansion.

This particular expansion project involved over 8,000 on-site contractor personnel during the various construction and maintenance activities. Adherence to regulatory and safety standards, especially when operating in hazardous location environments where workers are exposed to explosive vapor and gas, must not be overlooked. Vendors should be carefully inspected for strict compliance to these standards. Adherence to well-defined policies and procedures is an important part of the safety equation; however, utilizing equipment that has been designed to operate safely in hazardous environments is just as critical.

Refineries Temporary Power Distribution Need

Well-equipped to meet aggressive delivery requirements of refinery construction and maintenance, Ericson was able to quickly engineer a solution with all of the requested features and options. Ericson utilized its standard E-Cart™ XP platform and customized it according to customer specifications and particularly hazardous location requirements of the project. The scope of the turnaround required the simultaneous deployment of over 45 E-Cart™ XP units throughout the facility to safely power temporary construction lighting and an array of tools.

The Solution

Within the budget and schedule of the plant expansion and turnaround activities, Ericson was able to manufacture and deliver forty-five E-Cart™ XP units. These were deployed throughout the massive refinery’s facilities providing safe power for temporary lighting and a wide array of tools.

Ericson Manufacturing is leading the way with a new generation of turn-key, explosion proof, temporary power solutions ideal for a wide range of hazardous location applications including Class I, Division II. The job-tested E-Cart™ XP power distribution solutions are built rugged enough to survive the harshest job site environments and designed to meet the latest safety certifications and standards.

Ericson Manufacturing’s temporary power distribution unit was selected based on a number of key performance criteria including:

  • Class I, Division 2 Rated
  • System level certification
  • External resettable GFCI breakers
  • Rugged construction
  • Light-weight and mobile
  • Price / delivery

About the Product

The E-Cart™ XP is designed for use In Class I, Division 2 environments. Its factory sealed panelboards are used to control lighting and appliance, power circuits and power distribution in applications requiring branch power distribution, over current, and short circuit protection.
Utilizing electrical components from leading manufacturers, the distribution panels are prewired from the circuit breakers inside the flameproof enclosure to the main distribution blocks and branch terminals housed in an IP66 rated enclosure. The factory seal between the breaker enclosure and terminal enclosure eliminates the need for external sealing.

The E-Cart™ XP is equipped with padlockable external operating handles, copper bus, isolated neutral and ground bar, GFI or EPD breakers, and terminal blocks. Gasketed covers provide type NEMA 4X rated protection for a water-tight seal.

Flexible configuration alternatives are essential and must provide the ability to meet unique application requirements without the cost typically associated with a custom solution. Minimal setup and teardown time can also be achieved with this approach, saving valuable time and expense. Portability is another important consideration that is driving leading manufacturers to standardize platforms constructed of heavy-duty welded aluminum; this approach reduces the overall weight of the solution while maintaining exceptional strength and durability characteristics.