Case Studies

Industry: Construction


One of North America’s largest construction and engineering organizations has trusted Ericson products on a variety of job sites. For an upcoming project, the company wanted to ensure their assortment of Ericson and non-Ericson portable transformer carts, purchased years ago, were able to support their latest endeavor and were still in safe operating condition. The carts would be utilized by construction and repair teams to convert the facility-provided 480-volt power to common 120-volt power for their tools and lights.

Customer Needs

Unfortunately, years of repeated use caused issues in some of the carts, such as missing flip covers, misplaced items, broken connections between components, and other conditions that reduced the safety of the overall product. The company wasn’t sure whether there would be delays due to faulty equipment, if water was able to enter compartments on the machine, or if there were sources of potential electrocution. After voicing their concerns to Ericson, Ericson offered to assess all of the organization’s units to determine the next course of action.


Ericson created a list of recommendations tailored to the business’s specific assortment of equipment, including their non-Ericson units. Rather than advising to purchase brand new equipment across the board, Ericson specified which parts could be easily replaced, which units had reached the end of their useful life, and which units were fine as-is.

Satisfied with the support they received; the client will continue to use Ericson products on their future ventures.