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Pre-Construction Project Planning Checklist

Pre-Construction Project Planning Checklist

Pre-construction project planning checklist for temporary lighting and power.
5 Ways to Protect Workers During Shutdowns & Turnarounds

5 Ways to Protect Workers During Shutdowns & Turnarounds

We have put together five ways that safety can be incorporated into work site projects when selecting and specifying portable, temporary power distribution equipment.

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Case Study: How Ericson's Unique String Lights Helped In a Stator Rewind Project

How do you get light in a dark tunnel? That was the problem a customer faced on a recent generator stator rewind project for a large turbine.

Choosing the Right Maintenance Equipment for Coal Fired Power Generation Plants

While natural gas has been in the news for eroding market share from coal fired power generation plants, coal plants still provide almost 1/3 of all electricity in the U.S. And these plants have complex handling systems for all that coal, whether is it unloading, sorting, storing, or transporting throughout the facility. During maintenance of these complex systems, often lighting or temporary power is needed for a work crew to enter the location and perform repairs or cleaning.

4 Ways to Improve Lighting for Fired Heater & Boiler Maintenance Projects

Do you have an upcoming maintenance project for boilers or fired heaters? Do you need to find simple, rugged lighting solutions that are highly portable, and provide excellent project lighting in these usually dark areas? With the size of the modern fired heaters on industrial sites, getting light to all the areas can be a challenge. We’ll walk through four approaches to selecting the best lighting for the job.