Case Studies

Successfully Preparing Power Plants for Outages and Turnarounds

In this collection of mini-case studies you will learn how Ericson products have helped power generation facilities with their routine equipment turnarounds
Industry: Food and Beverage

Anti-Microbial Solutions

The food and beverage industry operates under strict and exacting standards. One unwanted microbe can cause major issues and can result in tainted products and bad press. See how our revolutionary anti-microbial wiring devices gave a food and beverage manufacturer some added peace of mind.
Industry: Petrochem

Refinery Lighting

A large refinery requested to convert traditional Edison screw sockets to LED output and complete the project in two months, also requiring an anti-theft option.

Temporary Power Distribution Brings Safety & Efficiency to a Refinery Expansion

Ericson helped achieve the goal to increase the refinery’s capability for gasoline and diesel production with an aggressive operational target within a year period. Read the case study to learn how.