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Durable Lighting for Helicopter Maintenance


Chinook helicopter on military base

Since its debut in 1962, many defense organizations have incorporated Boeing Chinook 47 helicopters into their fleet of military vehicles. The main responsibility of these heavy-lift machines is to transport ammunition, troops, food and water, fuel, and supplies to and from the battlefield. However, the helicopters are also utilized for a variety of other missions, including disaster relief, medical evacuations, and fighting fires.

Customer Needs

In order to ensure that the helicopters can be deployed at a moment’s notice, the equipment undergoes frequent inspections as well as routine maintenance. To effectively complete these procedures, the interior of the Chinook needs proper illumination. The ideal solution would be durable enough to withstand a harsh maintenance environment and bright enough to reach all the nooks and crannies within the aircraft.

A defense organization that utilizes 30 Chinook helicopters reached out to Ericson to develop a system to light the cavernous interior as well as the cockpit for maintenance activities.


Ericson designed a string light configuration that was tailored to the layout of the Chinook 47F helicopter. We provided a run of 15 Linear LED Tube String Lights with custom spacing throughout the length of the vehicle. These lights are bright, impact-resistant, can survive high temperatures, and can be easily and quickly set up and removed. A Y-split cord at the end of the arrangement accommodates the cockpit’s specific lighting needs. In keeping with Ericson’s commitment to quality, the life expectancy of the bulbs are 50,000 hours and they’re tough enough to survive military maintenance.

Linear LED Tube String Light

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